Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Free Feathercoins

I recently did a little experiment in mining cryptocurrencies. It started with Bitcoins, but that turned out to be not profitable because of purpose built ASIC mining hardware. Scrypt based currencies are harder to process so you can sort of be profitable using a modern Radeon GPU. For no real particular reason I picked Feathercoin.

My goal was to see how much hardware you really needed to be profitable. I used my Radeon 6870 and an older computer running Linux. I turns out that I was able to get about $8.00 USD worth of Feathercoins in 17 days. I estimate the electricity I used to run the computer probably cost me about $10.00. So yeah, I spent $2.00 to get 100 Feathercoins.

To be fair a 6870 is not exactly cutting edge. If I had a 7990, I would have made approximately 4 times as many coins for about the same amount of electricity. Unless you already have the hardware, or can get it for dirt cheap, I don't think it make a lot of sense.

So ends my experiment, and the reason for the title of this post. I have just over 100 Feathercoins and I can't find anything to spend them on. So if you want a Feathercoin, let me know. I will hand them out till they are all gone. Don't be greedy, this is all about the novelty of digital gifts.